Tony & Lena (2013)11 min

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Tony & Lena (2013)11 min

Tony and Lena are alone in a bedroom. People are screaming outside the door. Do it! Do it! The film is about young people’s will and courage, how we see each other on the basis of the roles we are assigned, and love, the anxiety of love.

Tony and Lena is a co-production between Bautafilm Ltd and Film i Västerbotten.

People at the party:
Erik – Thim Riback

Stefan Aaltonen, Magnus Bergman, Hanna Sahlin, Frida Fältman, Hanna Johansson

Director, writer – Victor Lindgren
Producer – Therese Högberg, Victor Lindgren
Director of Photography – Mattias Andersson, Martin Gärdemalm
Camera Operator – Linus Adolfsson
Gaffer – Niclas Löwstedt
Production Sound Mixer – Jacob Moe
Props – Victor Lindgren
Make up – Alex Prowse
Production assistants – Thim Riback, Nils Ljung
Editor – Linus Andersson
Sound Designer – Sven Jonsson
Translation – Franziska Kast

Music by:
Lilla Lovis — Ensam hemma.


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