Stoerre vaerie (Northern Great Mountain) accepted for Sundance 2015!

Yesterday Sundance announced the short film lineup for 2015. Over 8000 films applied for the festival and The film Stoerre vaerie (Northern Great Mountain) by director Amanda Kernell is one out of 60 films accepted for the competition. It’s the first time a Sámi film will be shown at Sundance.

Stoerre vaerie (Northern Great Mountain) is about Elle 78 who does not like Sami people – though her first language was Sami and she grew up in the mountains in Lapland. Now she claims that she is completely Swedish and from the south. Under pressure from her son, she reluctantly returns north for her sister’s funeral. As they are about to leave, she understands that her son has planned for them stay with their relatives over night. Refusing to do so, Elle checks in at the local Grand hotel with all the tourists…

Amanda Kernell was born in 1986 in Umeå, in the far north of Sweden, with a Swedish mother and Sámi father. Since 2006, Amanda Kernell has directed several acclaimed shorts including, among others, Det kommer aldrig att gå över (This means forever) and in 2013 she finished her studies in Directing at the National Film School of Denmark. She is currently working on her first feature film Sameblod (Sámi blood) about a young sami girl in the 1930’s who decides to become Swedish and cuts all bonds with her sami background.

The film Stoerre vaerie (Northern Great Mountain) is a pilot/prologue for Amanda’s upcoming feature film and co-produced by Nordisk Film Sverige AB, Bautafilm AB and Sveriges Television with support from The International Sámi Film Centre, the Sami Parliament and Film i Västerbotten.

Read more in Sundance press release here

Director: Amanda Kernell + 4670 334 97 39
Producer Nordisk Film Sverige AB Lars G. Lindström +46 70 211 10 11
Producer Bautafilm AB: Oskar Östergren +4670 555 13 17

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Elin Berges djupt personliga dokumentär om författaren Stina Stoor har premiär på Tempo Dokumentärfestival 10/3. Den tävlar om det prestigefulla priset “Tempo Documentary Award”
Filmen är producerad av Bautafilm AB

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”The Unpromised Land” by Victor Lindgren get Asian premiere at Tokyo International Film Festival

The film will be screened in the Youth section and  Victor Lindgren (director & script) and  Therese Högberg (producer) will attend the festival.

It’s not common that Swedish films get selected to prestigious Tokyo International Film Festival. The last Swedish film to be screened was Bautafilms co-production,  Sami Blood by Amanda Kernell.  Other films that previously been selected  is Roy Anderssons A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014) and Ruben Östlunds Play (2011).

The Unpromised Land is Victor Lindgrens first feature film. The film is a contemporary story about the friendship between two teenage girls, Elin and Sabina. Elin is born and raised in the small town Holmsund in northern Sweden, Sabina has travelled from Rumania to Sweden in the search for a better life.  The main roles are played by Andreea Petre and Elin Marklund.

The Unpromised Land is distributed nationally by Folkets Bio. The film is now available for streaming within Sweden. It have been screened at festivals throughout Europe during the year, winning the Angelo Award at Gothenburg Film Festival and Best European First film at Zlin Youth Film Festival 2019.

The Unpromised Land is produced by Bautafilm in collaboration with SVT with support by Film i Västerbotten and The Swedish Film Institute – Helen Ahlsson.

Tokyo International Film Festival take place between October 28 och November 5. Read more about the festival here

Pressroom, pictures and clips can be find here

For press inquires contact publicist Peter Hammarbäck +46-70-999 12 17

At the Zlin Film Festival in the Czech Republic, the oldest and biggest children and youth film festival in the world, the Award for Best European First Film, handed out by the International Expert Jury for European First Films, was given to THE UNPROMISED LAND by Swedish director Victor Lindgren. This film tells about two teenagers meeting each other in their small Swedish town. Together they revolt against the old ways and find something new in each other.

In the International Expert Jury for European First Films were producer and distributor Lubica Orechovska (Slovakia), production manager Slobodan Dedeic (Serbia) and film director and journalist Simon Safranek (Czech Republic). The jury’s motivation stated that this film “devotes itself in a sensitive way to the coexistence of different cultures in contemporary Sweden, in a way that concerns the whole of Europe. Without using stereotypes, pathos or reprimands, this story tells about understanding, friendship and the need for a family.”

Press release May 31, 2019  Zlin Award for THE UNPROMISED LAND 

Our animation series in development, “Between Saajve and the sky“, has been selected to the prestigious pitching forum Financing forum for kids content. Only three projects are from Sweden of the totally selected 27.

Saajven jïh elmien gaske, the original title in sami language, are animated fairy-tale-adventures for young kids. The stories take place in the sami nature where the forest meets the mountains. Here, the birds and animals can talk and lives mythical creatures like the dumb but dangerous Staaloe and the mysterious Saajvo-people.

The project is developed at Bautafilm by Oskar Njajta Östergren, the visuals are created by Anders Östergren Njajta in co-operation with Endre Skandfer from the production company Fabelfjord. At the moment we are producing the pilot episode “Goeksegh / The northern lights“, so keep your eyes open for more news.

If questions, contact Patricia Fjellgren: +46 73 84 56 877,

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.