About Bautafilm

Bautafilm is located in the north of Sweden. Since the start in 2011 we have produced awarded short films and documentarier. Besides our own productions we also co-produce, both national and international, and contribute with our areas of expertise. For example; lineproducing, location management, photography, editing and more.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Therese Högberg

Producent / Produktionsledning

Producer, Project manager/Coordinator. Contact Therese if you have inquires about Bautafilm, are in need of a producer or a team member for your production.

Phone: +46 70 744 44 72, email: therese@bautafilm.se

Victor Lindgren


Director and script writer for fiction, commercials and music videos. He also work as a dramaturge, editor and with casting .
Phone: +46 70 655 15 58, email: victor@bautafilm.se

Oskar Östergren Njajta

Manus / Producent

Versatile filmmaker who in recent years has focused on script writing for fiction. Oskar has extensive experience as a documentary filmmaker and producer for both fiction and documentary. He is based in Tärnaby and vice chairman of the Sami Film Workers’ Association (Sámi Filbmabargiid Séarvi).

Phone: +46 70 555 13 17, email: oskar@bautafilm.se

Fredrik Oskarsson

Dokumentär / Samproduktion

Producer and director with extensive experience in documentary film and television production. He also works as a dramaturge, photographer and editor.
Phone: +46 70 640 23 67, email: fredrik@bautafilm.se