Horungen (2016) 57 min

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Horungen (2016) 57 min

In 1909, in an undemocratic Sweden, a bastard child is born and given the name of Hervor. Her mother is unmarried, due to which she is called a ”whore” and driven away from her home. Hervor grows up at shelters and orphanages, unwanted, rejected by society. As an adult she spends her life struggling for social justice. In old age she tells us her unique story. Director Knutte Wester brings his grandmother’s memories to life through hand-painted animated images and has us witness someone being rejected in order to unite others. A story that too often still repeat itself.

Original Title: Horungen
Internatonal Title: A Bastard Child
Genre: Documentary
Length: 57 min
Director: Knutte Wester
Producer: Therese Högberg
Company: Bautafilm AB
Co-Producer: Pomor Film AS, Knut Skoglund

Production funding: Swedish Television, The Swedish Film Institute, Film i Västerbotten, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Nordnorskt Filmsenter