Boom Boom (2018) 15 min.

Boom Boom (2018) 15 min.

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The year is 1944, it is World War II and Norway is occupied by the Nazis. Two Samis help the Norwegian resistance movement with a sabotage in the border areas between northern Sweden and Norway, but the bridge they want to blow up is guarded by a soldier in German uniform. A Sami in German uniform that they recognize.

The two Samis are now in a hurry to prevent the attack. But the bomb is already in place, and the mystery of the Sami in German uniform grows.

An action drama about 3 Samis that kills a Norwegian resistance woman and is discovered by a German officer. A reasonably reality-based short film about the war in the north, Operation Sepals, which was helped by the reindeer-hearding Sami people as of the Nazis, was seen as a peaceful people without nationality.

Title: Boom Boom
Length: 15 min.
Genre: Actiondrama
Language: Nordsamiska/Engelska/Norska

Writer/director: Per Josef Idivuoma
Producers: Oskar Njajta Östergren (Bautafilm) och Mathis Ståle Mathisen (Rein Film)
Production leader: Patricia Fjellgren
Cinematographer: Ken Are Bongo
FAD: Olle Wirenhed
Costume: Nina Erdal
Art director: Reinert Kiil
Sound: Kim Erling Johansen
Light: Stefan Hencz

Cast: Oscar Skagerberg, Ingá Elisá Påve Idivuoma, Pavvá Pittja, Ida Löken Valkeapää, Lars Henrik Idivuoma.

Financed by Film i Västerbotten, Filmpool Nord, Int. Samiskt Filminstitut, Nordnorsk Filmsenter, The Sami parliament in Norway and Sweden, Arctic Image/Film Camp.