The Unpromised land (2019)

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The Unpromised land (2019)

Original title: Till drömmarnas land
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Length: 87 min
Script & Director: Victor Lindgren
Producer: Therese Höberg
Production: Bautafilm AB
Press: Peter Hammarbäck
Festivals: The Swedish Film institute Theo Tsappos
Distribution Sweden: Folkets Bio

Pressroom with pictures and clips can be find here

A co-production with Film i Västerbotten, in collaboration with SVT, with support from The Swedish Film Institute

Till drömmarnas land (The Unpromised Land) is Victor Lindgrens first feature film. The film is a contemporary story about the friendship between two teenage girls, Elin and Sabina. Elin is born and raised in the small town Holmsund in northern Sweden, Sabina has travelled from Rumania to Sweden in the search for a better life.  The main roles are played by Andreea Petre and Elin Marklund.

Winner Best First Feature Zlin Film Festival 2019

“devotes itself in a sensitive way to the coexistence of different cultures in contemporary Sweden, in a way that concerns the whole of Europe. Without using stereotypes, pathos or reprimands, this story tells about understanding, friendship and the need for a family.”

Winner Angelo Award Gothenburg Film Festival 2019

”With strong presence, fingertip sensitivity and intensity this debut feature captures a range of the most acute contemporary issues. Urban versus rural, us versus them, alienation and longing. Cinematic craftsmanship seamlessly blends with unforgettable portraits of two young women who meet beyond all language barriers. All captured in visually strong images creating an important reflection of Sweden today.”
Review Cineuropa
The Unpromised Land is as pretty as can be, clearly shot by someone who knows what the Scandinavian summer is really all about. And yet, bathed in that beautiful northern light, it irritates like a rash, with the town it depicts remaining perfect only if you avoid screwing with its rules.



Sabina has traveled from Romania to the small Swedish town Holmsund with her Roma brothers. They work in a garage and Sabina is looking for a job. Elin, born and raised in Holmsund, is in the church singing at the graduation ceremony. A summer is about to start and Sabina will get to know Elin. Together they will revolt against the old ways and find something new in each other. At the same time the society around them collapses in fear and Elin’s dad becomes insane by sorrow. Because there is a madness in the Swedish idyll.