I Turn to You (2015) 15 min

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I Turn to You (2015) 15 min

Jag vill nå dig (I Turn to You) is 15 minutes long short fiction by Victor Lindgren produced by bautafilm AB in co-production with Filmpool Nord (Susann Johnsson) and Film i Västerbotten (Lill Casslind) with support from The Swedish FIlm Institute (Andreas Fock), Bergman Center Fårö and Film på Gotland.

Elin and Jennie’s parents are separated and have an infected relationship. Depicted from the two sister’s perspective we follow them through their everyday life dealing with parental intrigues.

Genre: drama
Runtime: 15 min.
Director: Victor Lindgren
Script: Jana Bringlöv Ekspong
Producer: Therese Högberg
Production company: Bautafilm

Co-founders Film i Västerbotten, Filmpool Nord, The Swedish Filminstitute, and Film på Gotland (Efter Bergman)